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Richard Arnold '85

Years in BERLIN:
  1979 - 1983
  Florida State University - Criminology & Criminal Forensics
Military Service:
  Marine Corps - Semper Fi
I spend my day (job/position):
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Sibling Brats:
  Terri Marshall, Angie '85 & Michelle '87
Extra Stuff About Me:

2 May 2015
Richie update 15.
I am filled with so much happiness, I can hardly contain myself. Art took this picture with Richie yesterday and they called me on the phone. Art's words, "He is doing so much better."
- Cate '85

28 April 2015
Richie update 14.
Hey everyone, we are finally getting Richard Arnold home tomorrow. He sincerely appreciates all your prayers and well wishes. I know you all want to see him and wish him well in person but for the first few weeks the doctors have asked us to limit contact and ease him back into his old routine. Thank you again for all your support. We will continue to post updates here as merited.
- Chris Hilliard

16 April 2015
Richie update 13.
Super late update (sorry)
Art did get to see Richie last weekend. He wasn't supposed to have visitors over the weekend, being new at the rehab place, but they bent the rules (Thank you nurse angels!). Richie is consumed with one thought.

Getting out.

It's the only thing he'll talk about. When Art assures him he needs to stay in the facility and heal, he gets angry and tries to befriend anyone else instead. Even with a wired jaw, a trachea and a feeding tube, a nurse had to chase him down when he make a "run" (more like an old guy shuffle) for the exit door. He comes up with statistics and measures (I'm 97% good and better than anyone around, so I need to go home) defending his condition to try and rationalize that he needs to be released. There wasn't much activity over the weekend, which is clearly boring for Richie, but his therapy was scheduled to start in earnest Monday. Hopefully, it's intense and exhausting and tires Richie out so he'll rest in the evenings. Again, the progress Richie has shown over the past month is beyond amazing. But he's got a long way to go. I'll share contact information when I can. Prayers and Love.
- Cate '85

10 April 2015
Richie update 12.
Richie got moved to Orlando yesterday but Art didn't get down there in time as his flight (from Omaha, NB) was delayed 5 hours.

For about a week, every day, Art and Richie have been talking on the phone. Each day, and even within each conversation, Richie asks Art to come and get him outta there. As they talk Richie forgets what they've talked about and repeats himself so Art has to repeat himself too.

Here's the amazing news. Richie called Art Wednesday evening and left a message saying he was being transferred, next day, to a Rehab place in Orlando and that Art might want to adjust his flight schedule accordingly. WOW! There are some seriously complicated time/space logistics going on in that realization. Just a week ago, there was no way Richie was capable of thinking or doing any of that.
I'm really looking forward to Art's progress report when he sees him today and sharing it with all of you. Joy!

- Cate '85

9 April 2015
Richie update 11.
Art's flying down to FL today so I hope to get a good update on our Richie. Richie's been doing well enough that he's being transferred from Bradenton to a brain trauma rehab facility in his home of Orlando (about 2 hours away). However, if that happens today, Art might be Ambulance chasing to catch up to and see Richie. Richie's coherent with many thoughts and discussions but forgets things immediately afterwards. He also don't have memory or understanding of things we might expect him to. He exhibits agitated behavior evidently typical with brain trauma to the point that he has to be restrained, and he continues to try and get out. I love that last piece of this story but I pray for patience and healing until he can safely leave. More soon, I hope. Love, Cate

3 April 2015
Richie update 10.
Still pretty much the same. He's agitated. He wants out. He knows what day it is. It's the day he wants out. He can talk on the phone. To ask for help to get him outta there!

Relax Richie. Time to heal.
- Cate '85

31 March 2015
Richie update 9.
I got this update this weekend. My apologies for not posting sooner. Not much new on the Richie front.

He seems to ask, "Why am I here?" He gets agitated and angry and, in a way, he's a little big of his own worst enemy. If he's able to get up and loose, he could really hurt himself.

He'll start physical therapy in earnest on Monday (yesterday, again, sorry for the late update) and cognitive testing soon. He can write words when paper and pencil are put in front of him but he puts letters on top of other letters. Time and space aren't quite right with him. He asked where his mother was (she passed away last December).

Personally, I'm keeping a very positive attitude on all of that. My handwriting is atrocious and I have a knack for missing letters and putting them on top and randomly around each other (what can I say? they like to dance around :) ) I didn't even have a head injury and had odd memory loss from what I believe are the coma inducing drugs they pump into you. For example, it took me over 4 months to even remember why I was in the state I was in (literally, the state of North Carolina) and not the state in which I was living (Kentucky).

He's giving the nurses hell. I can't figure out if this is good or bad yet, but I'm sticking with good. :)

I hope to have more of an update soon. Send those love and prayers and be good to yourself.
- Cate '85

24 March 2015

- Bryan '84

24 March 2015
Two updates in one day. What a treat!

Richie is doing really quite well, considering everything. He’s still in ICU but not on any oxygen and breathing completely on his own. His left side has a some weakness (left side issues are normal with right brain injuries), his left hand is not strong and he’s not quite able to stand, but he can shuffle left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, with assistance. They’re thinking of installing a smaller trachea which will allow a small amount of air over his vocal cords so he might be able to say some things. His jaw is wired shut but he already tries to move his lips and tries to say things.

His face looks remarkably good considering he had 3 plates installed. One for multiple skull fractures, one for his orbital bone and one for dislocating his entire upper jaw. Incredibly, all his teeth are intact. He didn’t lose a single tooth! I love this tidbit of info. :) As soon as possible, he’ll be moved out of ICU to the 4th floor for continued rehab and physical therapy. The goal there will be for him to be stable for transportation to rehab in Orlando.

- Cate '85

24 March 2015
Richie update 7.
Everything keeps going in the right direction! Richie is doing well from surgery. He's still on a feeding tube and can't speak since is jaw is wired shut but he is alert and knows where he is. He has physical therapy twice a day. The extent of his brain injuries and cognitive abilities are still unknown. Next steps are to get him out of ICU and then get him transported to a rehab place in Orlando, where he lives. Thank you everyone for your continued interest and love and prayers.
- Cate '85

19 March 2015
Richie update 6.
Angie said it's been 11 days and the only way they've ever moved is FORWARD! The best of so much has happened in the last 11 days. She and her family are so very thankful for all the support they're receiving. She's trying to respond to every personal outreach and feels guilty when it takes a few days and she's nervous if she missed anyone. That's our Ang. So, Richie had facial reconstruction on Tuesday. It went well. They put 3 plates in his head and ended up wiring his jaw shut (4-6 weeks). Whenever they lighten up on the meds, he gets really really agitated and tries to sit up; pull his tubes out. He's restrained & even wearing mittens as he's pulled his feeding tube out . The only thing that's not restrained are his legs and they're moving and tapping like the Richie we know. He's got places to go and things to do. His eyes are opening and following them. Angie says she can see his eyes smile. My favorite news is that he mouthed the words, "I love you." before he went into surgery. This means so much! Especially since the docs have no idea of how much brain trauma there is. He's putting words together. I love you.
- Cate '85

18 March 2015

- Bryan '84

17 March 2015
Richie was taken off the respirator yesterday. He is breathing completely on his own. The first surgery is scheduled this afternoon. All is as well as can be expected. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
- Cate '85

- Bryan '84

14 March 2015
Richie update 4.

Talked with Angie last night. I know many of you are awaiting updates, yet it's really hard to write. Angie told me so many things and as I try to write them down, I fear I'm not capturing the full spirit and details. This is a really scary situation and he simply needs all our prayers. There are many good signs but nothing definitive. It's still day by day, hour by hour. They're beginning to start taking Richie out of his coma. When they do, he gets agitated and his blood pressure and heart rate increase. Angie's not positive it was solely on command but when she asked Richie to open his eyes, he did. He even opened his more injured eye a teeny slit. She swears he looked right at her and moved his eyes as she moved around. Please let it be because he heard her and did it! No one knows the extent of his injuries and we have to wait. It's confusing with all the drugs and injuries mixed together. So much of this is great news in a horrible situation. His brain never really had swelling. His jaw may not need to get wired shut to heal. There are so many positives. The bests of the worst situation. Hang in there Richie. I love you so much. We all love you.
- Cate '85

10 March 2015
Richie update

No big changes. I didn't take notes last night when I got this update so I'm a little fuzzy. They did the tracheotomy. This needs to be done to start the reconstructive surgeries. He has some light head bleeding but no new bleeds. He has moved his own limbs and when Art asked him to move his foot again, his foot moved. No one "knows" that Richie heard Art and moved his foot on purpose but, personally, I'm flipping thrilled about this. When I was in my 9 day coma, I still have memories of people visiting and feeling their love.

With many side questions coming, I want to be clear. There was no foul play or suicide attempt. No one really knows how but it was simply a horrible accident that Richie fell.

Please keep Richie and his family in your thoughts and prayers. This is a long journey.
- Cate '85

9 March 2015
Heavy sigh.

There's really no change in Richie's condition, which is sort of good news at this early stage. I hope I don't get details wrong. They're planning on doing a tracheotomy and take the tube out in a few days and the plastic surgeon can start facial work. I'm sorry I don't have more medical information. I'm not good at that. I do know Angie and everyone are grateful for all the people reaching out and sending love and prayers. They're overwhelmed with all the positivity and well wishes coming their way. They're trying to balance supporting Richie and themselves and get back to everyone with news and updates and love and thanks. Keep the love coming. Richie's stable but he's still fighting for his life and has a looooong road to recovery.
- Cate '85

8 March 2015
We need all the brat love. Richard Arnold '85 suffered traumatic injuries from a 3 story fall last night. I'll give more details as I can. Please pray. We need all the brats to pray. Angie and Michelle and Art are with him now.
- Cate '85